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With over 25 years in the video, photography, and film world we have the skills and the knowledge to make your project or presentation shine and pop on the screen that will get attention.

Caring and Professional Video Production Grass Valley has been stagnate for the past several years. We are here to resurrect the quality and service.

With our combined experience, BRECKPORT can help with your visual Advertising & Marketing needs.   From story driven commercials that are TV Broadcast ready, the internet, Blu Ray, DVD, or displayed in your business or at a show to Branding and Corporate videos for Training, Information, Presentations, and Archiving — we have it covered!

Any Event

We know how to soften up and get tender and emotional to create a cherished, memorable, and touching heirloom for your wedding, birthday — ANY Event or Occasion, as we have experience in all types, styles, and weather.


We record only in 2K [High Definition] with 4K on its way — You want a company that knows and understands how to give you the best image.   Our camera's, audio equipment, and editing systems are always up-to-date and are nothing less than what Hollywood and high end professionals use, because we are one of those high end places with connections to Hollywood.

• 2K - High Definition Images: moving and still • up to 5 professional high-end cameras at a time • Nothing missed at the event: All camera are recording and being run by experienced professionals not students or first-timers • Professional and up-to-date applications to edit and manipulate images by an editor with 20+ years experience • High Quality audio recording - including 5.1 surround sound • Blu Ray, DVD, and Web deliveries, plus TV and internet Broadcast ready • More than an hour program will be put onto multiple DVD's for best image quality — NEVER put more than 1 hour of video onto a DVD.  Blu Ray can hold up to 4 hours • We bring the power, the look, the feel, and the excitement of cinematic photography to your event.

Productions | Film - Video - Marketing

Breckport Media Solutions is proud to be one of the production companies for Brendan Brooks film Today that premiered at the Nevada Theater theater in Nevada City, California for NCTV's Foothill Films.

Today Facebook page

Breckport is proud to be the production company for Aria Pictures and Bruce Bradley's productions of Oberon's Gold and The National Exchange that premiered at the Del Oro theater in Grass Valley on October 6, 2014.

Oberon's Gold links:

The National Exchange's links:

Sierra Timberline
We did these ads for Sierra Timberline and their NEW line of furniture.  Many hours were spent photographing every piece from every possible angle to use the best combinations to assemble the final products.

Sierra Timberline 1

Sierra Timberline 2

Sierra Timberline 3

Kra-z Fitness
We did these ads, plus a few testimonials, for Kra-z Fitness.  Making the participants feel comfortable and forgetting we were there was not a problem.
Kra-Z Fitness: R.I.P.P.E.D.™

Kra-Z Fitness: BOOT CAMP

Kra-Z Fitness: ZUMBA®

Ellen Cole music video "Just Friends"
photography Brendan Brooks

Origami Artist Daniel Brooks
photography Brendan Brooks